At Renny Lake we offer excellent value day fishing, and we like to keep our visitors happy. Here are just a few of the messages we've received.


Your new lake, which in my opinion is miles better than the second lake. I hope
people keep going to the second lake, cos they don't know what they are
missing out on, and it leaves the entire lake for me and my lad! I bagged up
yesterday in 5 hours with over 30-40 Roach/ Rudd/ Tench and quite a few
decent carp, all from your NEW lake. Your roach are Massive!
Anyway, I landed the biggest fish in the new lake on 21/5/2010, also
witnessed by Jeff as well, so that makes me a RECORD BREAKER!
Will be back many more times this summer, and prior to coming, I also heard
the "stories" that are doing the rounds, and they could not be further from
the truth.

Ben from Redcar